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>FREE< Tarot Decoded : Understanding and Using Dignities and Correspondences download pdf, epub

Elizabeth Hazel,: Tarot Decoded : Understanding and Using Dignities and Correspondences

Tarot Decoded : Understanding and Using Dignities and Correspondences


Most readers interested in tarot own a couple of different decks, as well as some tarot "cookbooks" that explain the meaning of the cards and their symbolism--like a Cliff's Notes for tarot. These tarot tools result in fairly standard, mundane readings. But there is another level to tarot--a level that can turn an ordinary tarot reader into a true adept. "Torat Decoded transforms ordinary tarot readings into readings that are profound and even surprising--through the understanding of tarot's dignitaries. Tarot dignitaries are the interaction of the cards with each other in a spread and within a range of correspondences. Tarot author Elizabeth Hazel presents a concise useable system for working with tarot dignities to add incredible depth to readings. One card placed next to another might not have a readily apparent connection--but interpreting tarot dignities could make it very clear that one card enhances, or hinders, the meaning of another. The same is true for tarot neighborhoods within a spread, as well as the entire reading. Using the "Tarot Decoded system for working with tarot dignities can take anyone to the next level of tarot reading. The book offers a progressive look at the cards, their dignities and their correspondences. With Hazel's advice and clear examples--and a little practice--readings take on a new depth, integration and power.

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Author: Elizabeth Hazel,
Number of Pages: 224 pages
Published Date: 01 May 2004
Publication Country: Maine, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781578633029
Download Link: Click Here


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